Early Beginnings

 A 70-year-old ministry (started in 1948 by Mr. Howard Pettman   in Syracuse, NY), now headquartered in La Puente, California, USA,   Missionary Electronics (M/E) was a leader for 40-years in the development of special low-power public-address, reel-to-reel tape and cassette equipment for use in developing countries by missionaries and nationals.

Many of these "Gibson Girl"  Emergency Transmitters were converted between 1952 and 1955 to provide an Amplifier for external Speakers,  Microphone  and Phonograph accessories.



The Portable Teacher was used between 1960 and 1973.  It was a Reel to Reel Tape Player/recorder, Phonograph and Public address system with external speaker. 

The Audio Teacher was developed between 1973 and 1985.  It was a Cassette player powered by Hand-crank  -  a.c./ d.c.  external power.


This view of the Audio Teacher has a  clear Plexiglas top showing the inside working mechanism.

With the availability of good commercial equipment, our emphasis has shifted to programmatic areas to assist the nationals to increase their outreach. The CDP activities were a direct result of our Father-God's leading while we ( Jim Ford and Wayne Walton) were flying over India in 1986 asking, "Father, how can we reach these villagers?"

Since 1986, our focus has been on the Cassette Discipleship Program (CDP) for village outreach. Having started in India with the training of Village Evangelists (VE's) - villagers-reaching-villagers - and now expanding to Africa.


Since our beginning in India, M/E has now branched out to Africa where most of our effort is now directed.  Prince Paul Konu (Ghana) and Abdou Maiga (Senegal) are Directors to cover much of Anglo and Francophone Countries.  Dr. James Butare (Australia) is a mentor to these Directors.

  CDP is a grass roots program -- very cost effective -- about 1/80th the cost if 'westerners' were to even to try to do it!     As a grass roots process, villagers reach out to villagers -- with the trained non-literate villager being Village Evangelists (VEs) who use structured dialog cassette/digital messages for Outreach as well as further training for 'himself'.

       It is our desire to reach out to as many Countries as possible within our budget.  
All CDP leaders, supervisors, and VEs are volunteers (or locally supported as pastors, etc.)



 Lyle Majeska,  President

James R. Ford,  President Emeritas/ Deceased Aug. "18

  Dr. James Butare, V.P. -Outreach

     Troy Majeska, V.P.-Audio        

 Dave Matthews,  Member

Prince Paul Konu (Ghana),  Member

                                                                          M/E Board of Directors

 (seated)  Jim Ford-Emeritus),  Lyle Majeska,

(back)  Troy Majeska, Prince Paul Konu, Dave Matthews, James Butare