Cornerstone Ministry

Cornerstone Ministries International (CMI):  

A branch of M/E Intl. giving practical help to Country Directors and Village Evangelists

Introduction: Each section below has MP3 Audio to go with it.

1. Scripture in Use

        a. How to Prepare a Sermon 

        b. Practice Sermon 

        c. Being a Great Commission Christian 

d. Using Bible Verses in Prayer 

2. Peacemaking/Conflict Resolution

        a. Positions vs. Interest

        b. What Would Jesus Do Approach 

3. Health & Community Development

        a.  Malaria document 

        b. Aids document

        c. Village Hygiene

                Part 1 - Document

                Part 2 - Document 

                Part 3 - Document 

4. A 4/14 Window document