M/E International Inc. 
“Reaching the Lost and Forgotten Villagers around the World”

Who we are:

M/E International’s focus is not to the cities and main centers of commerce.  It is directed to the illiterate and forgotten villagers of Anglo (English Speaking) and Francophone (French Speaking) Africa seeking to bring them into a relationship with Jesus Christ and helping them grow in this relationship.

Our challenge is to the NATIONS – and we have seen the Lord allow us to make headway in that direction – 

EMPOWERING Continental and Country leadership.  ENABLING their trained villagers as Village Evangelists (VEs) 
REACHING their own friends, family and villagers in their own and surrounding villages.

What is a VE?  English - Prince Paul Konu
Cassette Discipleship Program (CDP) is basic to our program (now with digital means instead of cassettes) -- utilizing laymen in the villages, that know the Lord and want to serve Him, to reach their own by word of mouth.  This is a powerful tool -- especially when messages are in dialogue format to allow a VE (Village Evangelist) and his wife to reach out to another villager and his wife.

What is M/E all about? - Pastor Prince Paul Konu-Ghana

We are a 501 (c) (3) Corporation.


 Cornerstone Primary School-Uganda
                     Children at Play - Uganda